The mobile Jangi house is a fundraising platform dedicated to raise capital for social entrepreneurs and start up businesses having high growth potential. This platform was founded by ordinary social entrepreneurs who decided to come together with the objective of doing a daily business capital raising for its members using the block chain and ledger technology inspired from the African indigenous communal solidarity approach to improve on their financial conditions and living standards. .

This model has registered exponential results, that's why the mobile Jangi house has decided to share this selfless technology with other young entrepreneurs facing difficulties raising capital for their respective start ups. We inspire and encourage our subscribers to build the discipline of saving money. Saving tiny sums of income on a daily basis, is a great tool to raise capital for their businesses. .


Social solidarity plays a key role on this platform through its social entrepreneurial membership, because only by ensuring the security, progress and well-being of other people, can we hope to secure our own security, progress and well-being. To emphasize the need to foster social solidarity is to recognize the inter-connectedness of each human being.

Jangi is an African indigenous approach of doing business. The results we are already achieving using this model, proves that, it is only through the promotion of Pan-African social solidarity that African countries can achieve development, lasting peace and progress. We have created a framework that is a hybrid between indigenous African traditions and modern technological principles to ensure the human dignity and inclusion of all members of society women, men, girls and boys. Hence everyone having a mobile phone plus a mobile account is eligible to become a member of the mobile Jangi house.

In order to re-establish social solidarity in the minds of low income earners in every community, a key step would be to find a way for members of these communities to re-inform themselves with a cultural logic that emphasizes sharing and fair resource distribution. This, in effect, means emphasizing the importance of reviving progressive cultural attitudes and values that can foster a climate within which financial development can flourish. We have seen in the past how African communities used African indigenous approaches called "Gacaca" to foster traditional justice and reconciliatory systems in Rwanada and Ubuntu for Peacebuilding in South Africa respectively.

Jangi is also a typical African indigenous approach to tacle the socio economic challenges presently striking sub saharan African communities. Everyday thousands of youths die in deserts and the Mediterranean sea, while on their journey to Europe. These disastrous and shameful occurrences has resulted to a sacrilege, in which sub Saharan Africans are being traded as commodities. These shameful occurrences are still happening to our people every day. This gives every African an indication, that its about time we all introspect and learn from those communities who prosper. It's all a matter of mindset. We believe a significant shift in mindset will fundamentally change things for the better. People have to take full responsibility of their lives and well-being, blaming the governments and political leaders is not an option here. Working together is the only resort, as long as we want to progress. We see Africa as a land of opportunities, full of milk and honey. With its vibrant and talented youthful population, Africa is said to lead the world into a new civilization. Jangi is out to offer opportunities to It's members every day. Many millionaires will be created on a daily basis giving rise to a fast growing middle class and dignified standards of living. Jangi intends to expand it's network to 45 sub saharan African countries in the next 10 years. The platform is open to partnerships that share a common vision and interest

* Gender Equality:

While indigenous approaches and institutions provide us with many lessons which we can incorporate into ongoing socio economic and entrepreneurial processes, it is important for us to also recognize that, unfortunately some African traditions have not always promoted gender equality. Therefore, what we need to do is to combine the best lessons that tradition and cultures has to offer with progressive modern norms and standards, for the protection of human rights. In this way a combination of tradition and modernity can enable Africans to reconstruct their continent by drawing upon their cultural heritage. That is why, we also focus our attention on low income market women and young girls running petty businesses, most of whom are single mothers abandoned to themselves and their children by men and the society. We reintegrate them by introducing them to this platform to learn how to save and raise capital for themselves. The few young girls we have supported so far, has made us to conclude that, women are better money managers and experts in saving money on a daily basis. However, there are persistent challenges for mobilizing resources for such an initiative.



Jangi is working in close partnership with four major consulting firms, who serves as incubators and capital accelerators ready to finance and guide any start-up business with high growth potential. It has become very clear over the years, that the scarcity of capital has contributed to the paralyses and collapse of much profitable start up business initiatives. These consulting firms are ready to inspire start ups to think big, start small and scale faster than if they were left to themselves.


* Entertainment::

Jangi is particularly interested in the emerging African entertainment industry, in a bid to promote and foster creativity and artistry, be in it the field of music, film, fashion etc. Jangi believes that Africans can tell a beautiful story and showcase a joyful African lifestyle through its arts and craft. Entertainment is a vital tool to restore the dignity and grandeur of a society.



Jangi is dedicated in financing and promoting research particularly in the domain of tech innovations and digital education. The African youths of today have decided to champion the technological revolution. We believe that technology can sky rocket the development of the African people. We welcome any technology that will contribute in the advancement of the African community. Tech developers are advised to contact us in order to present their projects.



Classically blockchain is a foundational technology, which is defined as a continuous growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. It is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. In developed countries most financial service companies are already well down the road to blockchain adoption. No matter what the context, theres a strong possibility that blockchain will affect every business in the world in the nearest future. Just the way the internet protocol (IP)has done.

In the Jangi virtual community every agreement, every process, every task, and every payment would have a digital record and signature that could be identified, validated, stored, and shared. The development and maintenance of the Jangi platform is open, distributed, and shared just like the internet. A team of volunteers made up of young tech developers maintain the core softwares and manage the system. .

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