Working together:

As members of the mobile Jangi house, we have decided to come together to be crowd-funding, in a bid to raise business capital for our members. Every day each and every one of us has to contribute just 100 FRS to the platform using our mobile phones. Many social entrepreneurs coming together with just 100 FRS sums up to a significant amount of business capital. For instance, let's consider this illustration, 10 000 members contributing just 100frs each, gives a total of 1 000 000 FRS. .


This capital is given as a business loan to a member of the group as a business loan to grow an existing business or start a new profitable activity. The member who receives such a loan is expected to pay this money back to the group. By contributing 1 000 FRS daily until the loan is completely paid back to the platform in order to give other members the opportunity to grow their respective businesses or start new ones. We have decided to share this new technology with you. But take note, this platform is available only to social entrepreneurs. Not for everybody. The capital raised through this platform is meant to invest in a business venture to generate profit for the entrepreneur and create value for others. .

The Jangi platform is projecting to meet a target of 100 000 subscribed members by the end of 2018. Become part of the mobile Jangi house, by downloading the Jangi App on Google Store or better still register through the website, You can also Subscribe into the platform by sending a registration fee of 1000frs to one of these mobile accounts, using your personal Mobile Money or Orange Money account. And you will receive a confirmation message from the platform. The new member will equally receive an introductory call, from a Jangi Account Manager

For Subcrision only

Mtn Mobile Money

Orange Money

NB: Make sure to subscribe using your personal Orange Money or Mobile money account and not that of a third party.

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